Mild mannered moto jacket

I have always been drawn to leather moto jackets- they are so chic- but I never felt I could pull this style off authentically.  When I stumbled across the moto jacket in this Butterick pattern. I decided to give it a try in a softer, gentler fabric choice.


I used a boiled wool from Emma One Sock. There are plenty of these boucle fabrics around- you can find them in 100% wool- typically more expensive -or in an affordable wool rayon blend like I used. 


The fabric is drapey- so the jacket looks a lot less structured than in the pattern pic. It was easy to sew up, but I ran into TWO fit related problems.  Even though I cut the jacket in the smallest size- it was too large and sloppy in front.  So, I took the jacket apart. Yes- this was after it was put together AND after I had already topstitched the seams -ARGH!  I scaled down the front bodice pieces and kept the body pieces of the back and sleeves mostly intact.


Second- you will notice the hem extends beyond the zip- once I tried it on, I wanted more length.  I may be short, but I have a long waist.  I ended up using a knit binding to face the hem for additional length. Because the look is soft and sweater-like, I didn’t add a lining.