Burnside Bibs: The third pair are mine

I never thought I would find myself sporting the fabulous Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs.  That is not because I didn’t think they were adorable with a clever, distinctive style.  In fact- I am such a fan, that I made two pairs to give as gifts.

I completed the first pair for a Christmas gift.  I was not tempted to succumb to the “one for her one for me” practice- even though I admired the pattern, clear directions and the end result.  They were very cute, went together easily, and looked so comfy.

This Spring, sewing bibs and jumpsuits was all the rage.  Seeing all the bibs and jumpsuits and overalls got me reminiscing about my overall love in college.  I owned a pair of forest green fine wale corduroy overalls and a pair of painter cloth overalls- I wore them constantly.  So what was holding me back?

Then, in April, I made another pair of the Burnside Bibs to give for a birthday present.  While sewing this pair, I started to fall in love. It was like the second date sealed the deal.  After completing the second pair of Burnside Bibs, I was smitten.  I decided I needed a pair of my own.

So- here is my THIRD make of Burnside Bibs- this time for me!  I made all three with the exact same material- a linen rayon blend that I believe is perfect- from Lakes Makerie.


I kept with the same winning linen rayon blend fabric because the drape is awesome.  This fabric has also proved to be wrinkle resistant and turning those straps was very doable.  A stiffer fabric would be a bit of a challenge.


I made the slimmer version with the invisible zip.  Did not need extra fabric in the back- there is plenty of room. 


Can we talk about ease?  With the clever straps, you can adjust the rise and waist fit.  Sold! Next pair, I make blindfolded!