Vogue 9267 and Simplicity 1873 for weddings and parties

Hey Mississippi River: I’m crossing you in style!

Here I am on the banks of this mighty river wearing a simple mash up of Vogue 9267 and Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 1873 . This is my latest make for special occasions- specifically weddings and parties!

This dress is a perfect wedding guest dress and practically a party on its own.  This fit and flare dress accommodates a full range of dance moves with absolutely no chance of wardrobe malfunctions.  Bonus feature- partying is so comfortable in this breathable all cotton faille fabric that does not wilt or wrinkle like a wallflower.  This amazing fabric holds its perfect shape, even when you start to droop- or if you have to walk through some autumn sprinkles like I did! To top it off- the print is super cheerful- look at it cheer up this moody river landscape.


I blended two party dresses for this special occasion dress.  I used my favorite Simplicity Cynthia Rowley for the bodice and lovely Vogue 9267 for the perfect full-not too full skirt.  While V9267 could be a perfect choice on its own, I decided to keep the bodice super simple to showcase the fabric.  I also knew the Cynthia Rowley bodice pattern was a great fit- because I have used this before. I am partial to Cynthia Rowley patterns for Simplicity. I have used them time and again as my base for a project. I used Cynthia Rowley for dresses blogged about here and here. This finished dress styling is effortlessly no nonsense: practical jewel neckline, short sleeves and a perfect skirt. 

The dress was also a party to make up. This project was completely straightforward with no pattern modifications- except using the top and bottom from two patterns; and no lining was necessary with the sturdy fabric.


This dress is an easy win because of the attributes of this amazing cotton faille fabric. I purchased this particular fabric from EmmaOneSock, but the same fabric is currently available at Mood. Faille isn’t a super common fabric choice. Faille is defined as “a fabric woven with slight ribs from silk, rayon or cotton.” Faille fabric is woven with heavier weft yarns and finer warp yarns to create a very fine rib. This magical weave produces a silky and wonderfully lustrous surface. Below you can see a close up of the fabric and the narrow skirt hem- hand sewn because that’s the way I roll with hems! Also, the fabric has a little stiffness so that was the easiest method. You can see the ribs on the wrong side of the fabric.


Silk faille is often used in evening wear. This particular fabric has fabulous body and a dressy sheen that is NOT shiny. Just dressy. While faille is often produced in silk- this gem is cotton- so pretty and so practical- which is also the way I like to roll as a party guest!