Burda in a bold hue

i freely admit that I like Valentine’s day.  While Valentine’s Day has it’s detractors, I proudly stand behind a holiday that promotes love -and conversation hearts.  February can be dark and cold- and the holiday is a welcome distraction.  When my kids were young, we celebrated this holiday big time. We always made handmade Valentine’s day cards for school exchanges.  I routinely made some sort of heart themed (or pink) gift for them: felt hearts appliqued on t-shirts, heart trimmed pillow cases, heart wristbands- you catch my drift. 


Now, the kids are older and a little less into pink and equally less into hearts on their belongings.  I have come to terms with the fact that they celebrate this holiday in more subtle ways.  But that won’t stop me from wearing pink this week.


This top is actually made up with leftover fabric from my youngest daughter’s dress project. This very berry pink cotton pique is from the marvelous Treadle Yard Goods


The pattern is Burda 6914, and in my true fiddling style- I changed the sleeve a tiny bit and eliminated the slits on the hem.