Pattern love

This post is devoted to one of my best loved, most often used patterns. 

I LOVE this Vogue apron pattern.  This is what I am wearing today - while making special dinner at home for my Valentine - and what I wear whenever I need to be fancy in the kitchen.


At first glance, this may look like a superfluous pattern- done up in silk organza on the pattern illustration.  But don’t be fooled- this pattern is a workhorse. The pattern has great curved seam finishes and a nice shape and -well- it fits everyone perfectly! How great is that?!  This is a pattern I do not fiddle with and cannot improve upon.  I have made this apron countless times. While I typically make it in cotton or linen, I have actually made it in silk twice- as shown above and below.  I have made several of these aprons for the family and others to give as gifts.




For a recent bridal shower and a few very special parties, I made up three or more of these aprons for daughters and helpers to wear in a fabric to match the party theme/décor- yes, I am that kind of person.  And because middle daughter has genius silk screening skills, we silk screened youngest daughter’s image on this apron -made up in gingham- for her high school graduation party.  Don’t look closely at the seam work- you know I was making this in a hurry.